How to send us your samples

We often get asked how samples should be packaged and sent to us.  Below we have outlined the way in which we would like to recieve them and hope that this information answers all your questions.  Should you be unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to contact us 0208 977 0750 or email

A valid quotation should be in place prior to any sample shipment to us.

Please send all samples for the attention of Laboratory Support to:

Butterworth Laboratories Limited
54-56 Waldegrave Road,
TW11 8NY

Our sample reception is open from 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Please send the samples individually in separate containers (e.g. plastic resealable bags) within the package. Each sample container should be labelled with the references (e.g. batch number, sampling point, etc) that you would like us to put on the certificate of analysis for that sample - ideally the separate samples should have some form of unique identifier so that when you receive the certificate you know which result relates to which sample.

The key pieces of information on the sample submission form we require are:

1. Sample references
(these should match the references on the samples);

2. Testing requirements -
either a list of the tests you need performed on the samples or reference to one of our valid quotes;

3. Hazard information -
please either include a copy of the MSDS for your sample material or if no MSDS is available complete our MSDQ  to the best of your knowledge;

4. Storage conditions -
the temperature condition you would like us to store your sample at prior to and after analysis;

5. Required turnaround -
please let us know if you need results by a specific date. The turnaround time begins a day after the samples were received. Please note that fast turnaround service need to be agreed prior to submission of samples and is subject to laboratory availability.

Download our sample submission form here.

Request a quotation for an analysis here.


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