Our commitment to the highest standards of Quality Assurance is reflected in our longstanding adherence and certification to ISO, MHRA and FDA standards.

We are proud to have built a reputation for quality over the years and you can download all of our certificates below, or if you are auditing us just download the Auditor Pack and all of the relevant certification is included.

Please note:

Our ISO17025 certificate does not have an expiry date. The presence of an active Schedule of Accreditation on the UKAS website confirms that we remain accredited to this standard (see link below). Our accreditation number is 0215 and we are inspected by UKAS for compliance with ISO17025 annually. 


Allow your laboratory to innovate


The latest technology combined with our expert team of scientists make us leaders in Quality Control Testing, Method Development, Method Validation and Stability Testing of both pharmaceutical raw materials and finished products.

We refine this service by promoting a culture of open communication between our analysts and our clients, ensuring that you retain control of your work.

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