By combining a comprehensive range of instrumental techniques and classical wet chemistry, we provide the security of a productive blend of experience, flexibility and business awareness, bound together in an established and highly rated quality system.

We are renowned for our communication and expertise. To ensure that this ethos persists, all analysts new undergo a rigorous new starter training process that gives them a solid grounding in various techniques including gravimetry, titrimitry and colourimetry. This enables them to perform a wide range of qualitative and quantitative tests such as those found in the pharmacopoeias.

Additional training is provided in specific instruments and other techniques as required; even the most experienced analysts are part of an active, ongoing training program.

To meet the levels of performance required of today’s analytical laboratory requires the employment of sophisticated instrumentation and experienced scientific staff.

Allow your laboratory to innovate


The latest technology combined with our expert team of scientists make us leaders in Quality Control Testing, Method Development, Method Validation and Stability Testing of both pharmaceutical raw materials and finished products.

We refine this service by promoting a culture of open communication between our analysts and our clients, ensuring that you retain control of your work.

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