New Headspace Trap Capabilities

Butterworth have just taken delivery of the latest Perkin Elmer HS110 Headspace Trap Sampler along with an additional Claris 580 GC.  The HS-110 comes with built-in analyte trapping capability thus maximizing the extraction and  transfer of headspace vapour into the GC column, thereby lowering the detection limits by up to 100 times and reducing sample handling times by up to 25%.

The built-in headspace trap uses advanced trapping technology developed for and proven in the TurboMatrix Thermal Desorption systems to improve detection limits by maximizing the extraction of volatile compounds from the headspace.

Built-in trap technology uses a dry purge to remove water more efficiently, compared to conventional purge-and-trap technology, which can require long bake-out times periodically throughout a sample run.  Sample throughput with the built-in headspace trap is therefore maximised allowing a reduction of up to 25% in sample handling time.

The HS110 also has a capacity of 110 Headspace vials instead of the 40 in all our other Headspace Samplers, allowing analysis of longer sample sequences etc.

Since its purchase we have been developing methods and now have the capability of screening for over 50 of the solvents listed in the ICH Guidelines in a single chromatography run, as well as  low level Benzene and Vinyl Chloride applications.

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