Upcoming Webinar: October 1st 2015

Join us on 1st October 2015 @ 3PM BST to Learn More about Rapid Screening Techniques in Analysis for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries.

Butterworth Laboratories Ltd are delighted to invite you to attend this live webinar on the "Screening of Excipients, APIs and Finished Products for Elemental Impurities and Biological Organisms" with leading microbiology and toxicology specialists, Wickham Laboratories Ltd.

Our panel of experts will discuss the adoption of ICP as an instrumental technique, in place of the classical wet chemistry Heavy Metals test, to determine elemental impurity concentrations in pharmaceuticals and the work that this change will require within the industry. The new techniques have introduced increased specificity and sensitivity which although allowing more in-depth material composition analysis, has also raised the concern that elements and levels identified could lead to non-compliance. This presentation will briefly touch on ICP as a technique, appraise the benefits over alternatives and address the approaches companies are taking using rapid screening to give them the confidence of meeting regulatory requirements for elemental impurities.

As an attendee you will find out more about:

-        How the pharmacopoeial metals testing is changing

-        The increased specificity and sensitivity of ICP

-        The benefits of ICP as a technique

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About our presenter: David Riches, BSc, CChem, MRSC

Head of Analytical Operations

David started his career at Messers Sandberg Testing Laboratories which specialises in analysing samples for the construction industry. He joined Butterworth in 1986 as an Analytical Chemist specialising in Elemental Microanalysis. David is currently Head of Analytical Operations having previously held the posts of Analytical Operations Manager and Senior Manager of Inorganic & General Chemistry.

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