Directors Report

Despite the on-going recession the Company has maintained its policy of investment in new staff, new instruments and new marketing initiatives. Together with an excellent team-spirit, this policy is now having a very positive effect on results.

Turnover grew by 15% and good profitability was maintained with a 7.5% growth in UK sales and a 32% increase in exports. Exports now represent almost 35% of sales, largely to the EC but with a growing customer base in all other continents. 

Part of the success of the year has undoubtedly been the result of recruiting highly qualified and motivated staff which has increased the complement by some 20%.  Another factor is the encouragement of open scientific dialogue between the analytical chemists and our clients, and in the subsequent follow-up to ensure their satisfaction.

The potential major re-development of the present site has proved impracticable in the short term. Therefore certain functions of the Company, primarily the Archives, are now located at another premise close by. This move has released space which is currently being converted to expand our laboratory areas and accommodate the increasing number of staff and associated equipment.

The Directors are optimistic that 2013 will see further growth in the core business and there are no plans to venture outside this comfort zone.  Recruitment and investment will continue, together with the Company’s philosophy of a personal and high quality service to all Clients.

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