Residual Oxygen Analysis

In recent times there has been a large increase in the type and number of products packaged using Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) procedures.  The majority of these processes concern the removal of oxygen from packaging systems in order to reduce oxidative degradation of the product and increase shelf life.  Whilst most of the historical development of MAP took place within the food industry, over the last 20 years there has been a large growth in its application within the pharmaceutical sector. The classic MAP application, in the pharmaceutical industry, uses medical grade nitrogen to purge atmospheric oxygen and has been applied to many systems including containers equipped with septum capped closures, pressurised gas cans, blister packs, glass snap-ampoules, foil/plastic sachets, infusion bags and medical devices.

We can support investigations into MAP by providing Oxygen analysis using both Paramagnetic Analyser techology or GC-TCD. In the case of GC-TCD, more appropriate for very small sample volumes i.e. blister pack or ampoule headspace analysis, we utilise sampling under Helium and our novel Ratio Calibration Procedure to deliver increased accuracy and ease of determination.

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