Vision and Mission Statement

The Vision of the Directors which drives our day to day mission is:

"To continue to be a rewarding place to work as the first choice UK laboratory for quality analytical chemistry for the pharmaceutical and related industries"


Our Mission Statement defines how we, on a day to day basis, aim to achieve the goal set out in our vision:


"Providing excellence in contract analytical chemistry through our core values, talented people, dedication and expertise"


A set of core Values underpins our culture.  These establish the environment in which our vision and mission are defined. These Values include (in no particular order or priority):

·      Integrity

 - Honesty, ethical and trustworthy.

·      Collaboration

- Together, understanding, listening, communication, engagement

·      People

- Personable, friendly, respecting, inclusive

·      Excellence

- Quality, expertise, service, pride, improvement, reliability, unique

·      Professional

- Conduct, business like, judgment, attitude, clarity, successful


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