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The diverse range of techniques employed at Butterworth’s allows us to provide comprehensive Quality Control (QC) testing services to a wide range of industries, but with an emphasis on the pharmaceutical, medical divice and healthcare sectors.

We consider ourselves leaders in the analysis of raw materials, both excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) to international pharmacopoeial specifications (BP, EP, USP, JP) in accordance with cGMP. We also have experience in the analysis of finished products although there is a trend in manufacturers maintaining this in-house to ensure quick release to market.

Many of the QC techniques employed can be utilised in the analysis of Medical Devices and Packaging Materials and we routinely test for extractable and leachable components from containers and closures. Our extensive experience in Elemental Impurity and Residual Solvents Analysis can also be applied to these materials.

In addition, our project team regularly support the Method Development & Validation of material specific methods for routine QC use.

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