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In 1974 the National Physical Laboratory discontinued its Microanalytical Programme, which had been led by Mrs Doris Butterworth. This resulted in her starting her own independent company to continue providing Elemental Microanalytical testing to the same high level of quality and client service.

By 1980, Butterworth Laboratories had expanded its range of instrumental techniques to include Ion and Gas Chromatography and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. Then, due to the privatisation of the water companies and the recession in construction, we shifted focus to the pharmaceutical industry. Our range of techniques continued to expand into HPLC and GCMS and, more recently, ICP-OES and ICP-MS.

For nearly 4 decades we have grown our staff, laboratory and associated office facilities. Now with over sixty employees, the management team is committed to remaining fully independent whilst maintaining and expanding the range of testing we can undertake.

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