Butterworth is Brexit Ready

21 December 2020
As we come to the end of a difficult 2020, we will be starting a new year in a new UK, having finally left the EU.  As we release this update, there is still no certainty as to whether we will be working to WHO Terms or those of negotiated between the UK and EU.  However we have confidence that we are able to adapt quickly to sudden changes and developments in regulations.  One thing is certain, the Brexit landscape will continue to change after January 2021. To ensure we are ready and able to adapt as the situation reveals itself, our Brexit taskforce will continue to assess what is happening and take any necessary actions.

Throughout 2020, this taskforce has been in communications with various interested parties, such as Clients, Suppliers and Regulators etc. Learning how they have been putting actions in place to mitigate any disruption that Brexit may bring, to aid our own preparations.   We have produced three documents which can be viewed by clicking the below links or can be found on our website, in response to questions raised by our clients about Brexit:  

An article by our Head of Quality Assurance – Stuart Davey  TitledImpact of Brexit on Raw Materials Testing for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

An Information Sheet Titled: Sending Samples to Butterworth from Outside the UK.

An Information Sheet Titled: Answers to Questions Asked by Clients of Butterworth Preparations for Brexit.

We trust that you will find these both informative and helpful in assuring you that Butterworth are Brexit Ready. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact:

John Welch – Associate Director Business Operations mailto:john.welch@butterworth-labs.co.uk